"Since a stationary Earth is THE foundational creation fact in the Bible, it is also the taproot of Bible credibility! Along with the creation of all biological life and mankind which followed, God's creation of an immovable, stationary Earth constitutes the basis - the taproot - for His "tree of knowledge" with its trunk (the creation of mankind) and all its limbs and branches. Satan knows that if he can kill this taproot - this foundational knowledge - with pseudo-science this would cause the whole "tree of knowledge" to wither and die in time. That's why he started there first!"   Marshall Hall, Author - “The Earth is Not Moving.”
 How long will we believe a lie?
Heliocentricity is the system we are taught 
from the day we enter the education system.
The earth traveling around the sun is used to
explain out 365 day year and teaches the globe is 
rotating at 1000 miles per hour to make a full
revolution daily.
Ready to have your 
world view shaken?
In stark opposition is the system the Bible teaches.
You are considered ignorant and unlearned for
believing it.